(Statement for Sculptural / Ceramic artworks)

Burning Bridges


The irrational moments of the everyday thoroughly interest me. I find myself wondering what the underlying nature of our perception truly is. Merging psychological biases with societal ethic structures reveals the inner workings and processes of the subconscious. Through recognizable imagery that discusses self-deprecation and loathing, anxiety, insecurities, fear, paranoia, and alienation I question the moral and socially isolated assumptions of society. It is this absurd reality that I want to fully understand.


The humanistic qualities, diminutive scale and recognizable tropes create the pseudo-mental environment for the figures being presented. This places the figures in a world alone and removed from others including the viewer. Dejected and vulnerable through isolation reiterates the emotional mental state that embodies the characters themselves. A separation from our own reality removes any chance of redemption for the helpless creatures. The viewer is forced to complete the “story” and make the overall choice of whether to identify and emphasize or to prolong the continued dejection. This subconscious decision happens almost instantaneously in our fractured society.


The viewer is forced into new and unfamiliar territory within themselves and their perceived idea of comfort and acceptability. The emotionally weighted and abysmal ceramic and mixed-media sculptures reach a point at which logical and emotional certainties waver, and familiar realities are warped into a deplorable hopelessness. This exploration is how we perceive reality through the veil of self and what the mind decidedly tells us is tolerable in a righteous society.



(Statement for Postcards I'll Never Send: PINS)​

Catch the wind to slow your descent.
A momentary lapse from the daily mundane allows me to reduce the pointless minutia from the important undertones of life. Perception, or at least what we believe to be perception, clouds our lives. Agendas, alliances and associations create the rationale which leads to interactions that are full of bluster and benign sentiments. These fallacies are what I pretend to know.


The determinable and discernable statements are anything but innocuous. Characters take on the role of self and society. A quiet essence looms over each image though ostensibly there is lightness to many of the ideals presented. Vulnerability is created through the incorporation of the text, characters and materiality to embody the emotive imagery.


A warm, passive calm is evoked in the flattened collages momentarily before the weight of the presupposed phrasing. Sorrow and happiness, life and death, curiosity and blatancy, rational and otherwise are the motives used in this body of works that symbolizes nothing but is felt by everyone.