So, my story is not that different from anyone else. I grew up in a drab little town of exposed wiring, lathe and plaster everything, perpetual overcast education, and lackluster entertainment. The American Dream as we now know it.

My semi-polished biography consists of the following pertinent information. I was born in the early '80s in Oil City, Pennsylvania. A once robust town due to universal oil needs founded in the region progressed during my upbringing into a sad little memory of what once was.

My meandering childhood was colorful, full of upsets and excitement, scheduled activities, and misplaced outbursts. This continued into the awkward teen years, which also brought anxiety and situational acne as well as orthodontic appliances that thoroughly aided in confidence and casual conversation with new acquaintances. The self-directed independent years became focused on specific academics, and proposed outcomes, however myopic and unnecessary they developed to be in reality. These explicit adventures span throughout the various states and climates over the years but resulted most recently in the South where I met my beautiful wife, Chelsea, and we raise our two fairly medium-sized dogs, Panda and Bear.

I will thrive and continue to evolve. Though I know it could be better, it could be worse, I know that I can only attempt to control what is within, and with good intentions, I can lead a positive, kind, and purpose-driven existence.




Cell: 903.423.9996


Instagram: @briangoodboy





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