Brian Weaver was born in the early '80s in Oil City, PA. A once robust town due to universal oil needs progressed during his upbringing into a sad little memory of what once was.


In 2001, Brian entered a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA): Ceramics program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Edinboro University having very strong arts programs, especially in Ceramics and Art Education, Brian completed his undergraduate degrees with both, in December of 2005, with a 3.51 GPA (Cum Laude honors).

After three years in various roles, Brian then attended the University of Florida for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Ceramics degree. Much like Edinboro University, The University of Florida had a nationally recognized Ceramics program with extremely talented faculty and students.  In May of 2011, Brian completed his terminal degree at the University of Florida, with a 3.89 GPA (Magna Cum Laude honors).

Upon completion, he then attended Penland School of Crafts with an artist assistant scholarship with Stephen Dixon (Professor of Contemporary Crafts, Manchester School of Art, UK), and then was hired at Santa Fe Clay in Santa Fe, NM to oversee many areas of the high-paced ceramics arts center. He was then hired in 2012, at Texas A&M University-Commerce as Studio Arts Technician. With his continual growth, positive assessments, and innovative approach, he was promoted to Coordinator of Art Facilities/Summer Programs. This included his role as Graduate Coordinator to a Masters program that he created, directed towards K-12 teachers as the primary demographic. After six years, he was again promoted to an Assistant Professor of Art (tenure-track) at the same institution.

His varied experiences that were once primarily shaped by his hometown, have found their footing in one facet or another in these new spaces and places. This has inspired him to find an artistic and personal outlet by recognizing the potential positive even if its at the expense of facing the non-desirable.


Cell: 903.423.9996


Instagram: @briangoodboy




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